The Tasteful Table

Culinary Nutrition Consulting
and NYC In-Home Chef Service.

NYC Personal Chef service

Homemade meals customized to your health needs and tastes.


Staying healthy is challenging in today’s mix of processed food, environmental toxins, and stress. Taking control of what you eat is one way to keep your energy going.

Maybe you

  • pick up a pizza on the way home, again
  • reheat the frozen dinner or buy fast food, loaded with artificial ingredients, again
  • save menu planning, prep, and cooking for another day, again

If you’d like to make healthier changes, I can help.

Unlike a boxed service, The Tasteful Table prepares meals around your health needs to move you toward your wellness goals.

Has your doctor suggested you eat more vegetables, go gluten-free, or low-glycemic?

With a busy life, nurturing yourself with healthy, home-cooked meals is often low on your list


Specific Diets

Whether you prefer a Mediterranean diet, Paleo, or more hard-to-follow eating plan such as those in the list above, with culinary creativity, I can make those dietary changes easier to digest.

As a culinary nutrition, and classically-trained chef and health coach, I believe that food is information for your cells, and what you eat matters.

 I prepare meals with:

  • sustainably raised animal protein without hormones and antibiotics
  • organic poultry, wild-caught fish, healthy fats and no refined sugar
  • plant power with a rainbow of antioxidant fruits and vegetables
  • spices and herbs from cuisines from around the world that add flavor and boost your immune system

Investing in wellness starts in the kitchen. To get the conversation going, please fill out the form below.

Prices vary depending on your needs, and number of entries, and range from $350 to $550, excluding groceries.

Customized Meals

Healing Diet Options




Basic/Full elimination

Cancer Healing

Gut Healing


Low Carb

Low Glycemic


Low Lectin

Specialty Elimination

Minus Amines

Minus Glutamates

Minus Oxalates

Minus Salicylates

Nightshade elimination





Have any scheduling or cooking-related questions around health issues?

Fill out the form below for more information on pricing and current availability.

Move Toward Wellness by Eating:

  • More colorful, anti-oxidant rich plants, local or organic (when possible)
  • Grass-fed beef, pasture-raised poultry, if eating
  • Wild or sustainably farmed seafood
  • Healthy fats and oils that are good for you
  • Healthier alternatives to white flour and refined sugar to control blood sugar

This Service is Right For You if:

  • You want organic, pasture-raised animals or wild-caught seafood
  • Plant heavy, nutrient-dense meals, with or without grains
  • You have a kitchen with great tools, functional space and the desire to fill your fridge with food that nurtures you
  • You need menus created around specific health challenges

How it Works

  • I meet with you to review your health restrictions, food preferences, and check out your kitchen
  • We review payment and kitchen details
  • I email menu options to choose from
  • I receive a grocery deposit before I shop
  • On the cook day, I shop for groceries and cab to your location
  • In your kitchen I prep, cook, package and clean
  • After the first cook day, decide if this service is the right fit for you. No pressure to commit

Came from a plant, eat it; was made in a plant, don’t.
— Michael Pollan

Do You Have Any Questions?

Will you prepare a suggested recipe?
Sure! I’m happy to cook an entree that you want to explore.
Do you use Instacart instead of doing the shopping yourself?
I prefer to shop in person so that I can choose the ingredients myself and decide on an alternative entree if something isn’t available.
How do you accept payment?
I accept cash, check, PayPal or American Express.
Do you ever make desserts?
Any dessert item is usually requested and always without refined sugar.
Can you make breakfast too?
There are many options possible besides dinners, and I’d be happy to hear what you’re interested in. Prepping ingredients for green smoothies in the morning, or jarred buckwheat with coconut milk and fruit, to take to work in the morning, and other options are all possible. This service can be customized. Fill out the short form and let’s talk!
What if I don’t have a Vitamix machine?
A high-speed blender and a high-quality food processor are the tools that make great meals happen quickly. I use one, if not both on every cooking day and they are worth the investment. I’ve used less powerful machines and I find that there is a big difference.
Do you bring your own knives?
If you have good knives, I would prefer to use yours. I’m already bringing large bundles of groceries into your home, and it’s one less thing to carry.
What if I have to cancel my service last minute due to a scheduling conflict?
First, we would try to reschedule if I have another day available that week. Otherwise, one week’s notice would be much appreciated.

Disclaimer: The information provided on my website, and through my services are for coaching and educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace professional medical advice from your family practitioner or team of medical doctors. Any recipes, information, and links to articles are intended as a sharing of knowledge and experiences from Tina Malonis, Health & Lifestyle Coaching and The Tasteful Table Personal Chef service.

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