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Culinary Nutrition means embracing the health benefits of real food, preferably organic. Processed food removes the antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, essential fats, fiber, and water that whole foods contain. Without those key nutrients, we start to experience deficiencies, and that can lead to a host of problems.

Eating real food to fuel your body for your busy life, is why cooking more at home with fresh ingredients is so beneficial. I’m here to help you streamline that process.

What is Culinary Coaching?

Think of it as having a food coach. You want to eat better, but you don’t where to start. You like cooking, but the prep time seems overwhelming. You have gluten issues, and want to know how to cook tasty meals without gluten. I’ll tell you how! What kitchen tools work best to help you get the job done. We’ll dive it into that too. It does take time to cook, but using ingredients in creative ways, a variety of cooking techniques, herbs and spices, and time-saving tools helps you reach your health goals, and it’s fun!

How do I Know It’s Right for Me?

  • You’re tired of ordering out almost every night.
  • You can’t seem to fit in shopping and cooking on weekends, but you want to.
  • You have a chronic disease, and your doctor suggests that you follow a specific diet.
  • You crave sugar throughout the day and feel tired.
  • You’re ready to spend more time making healthier meals.

Meal Planning

Start the week with a plan of actions that helps to streamline your time in the kitchen. I’ll guide you to meal prep quicker and get creative with those ingredients.

Pantry Reboot

Replace unhealthy options with healthier pantry items. I’ll teach you how to cut through the marketing lies on food packaging so you can make buy better choices when shopping.

Custom Plans

Gluten-free,  Mediterranean, Paleo, whatever your food preferences are, menu plans with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes are created around them. They include recipes and a shopping list.

Culinary Coaching Services

Online or In-Home (NYC)

Culinary Coaching

Culinary Coaching offers One-On-One online (ZOOM) sessions to streamline your weekly cooking with an organized menu plan around your dietary needs, recipes, and culinary steps for success. Get cooking tips, and support reference to help you set you up for healthier eating.


Menu Planning

Menu plans created around your dietary needs. Gluten-free, Paleo, Mediterranean, Elimination, GAPS and many more are available. The 7-Day menu plan includes a shopping list and recipes emailed, along with limited email support.

$75 / 7-Day Menu Plan

In-Home Cooking

NYC Culinary In-home Coaching involves teaching you cooking skills, how to prep for better meal planning, cooking techniques, kitchen tools to save you time. You’ll feel more confident to nurture yourself and your family with healthier eating. 


$600/3 Sessions

I Help You Build Healthy Habits & Kitchen Confidence

Color your world with more plants! Food is information, and that colorful vibrancy goes into your cells. They’re also protecting you from free radicals we face every day in our toxic environment.

When you walk through the produce sections, preferably organic, making fruits and vegetables a bigger part of your meal planning will set you up for healthier eating. With a variety of cooking methods, getting creative in the kitchen is fun.

Let’s talk kale for example. Baked as chips, massaged into a simple salad, sauteed as a nutrient-dense green over your steamed potato and topped with sauteed wild salmon or lentils. A squeeze of lemon and you’re done! You’ll begin to look at every vegetable in the same way, with loads of cooking options that add more color to your plate.

I can share my culinary tips to teach you to think less about recipes and more about simple ways to eat more vegetables.


In-home Culinary Coaching

How it Works

NYC Culinary Coaching, in your kitchen, to help you learn cooking skills, and create healthier eating habits for you and your family. 

Culinary Coaching Questionnaire

Fill out this short, online questionnaire before our first consultation. This gives me a big picture of how you currently eat and your level of cooking skills.

Steps To In-home Sessions

  • Schedule your initial Culinary Consultation
  • After this phone or online consultation, schedule a cook day on my calendar.
  • We shop for ingredients (separately), and cook for 2-3 hours in your home.
  • We’ll focus on the cooking skills you want to learn, prep tips, and more.
  • You’ll have healthy food to start your week with and new skills to repeat the process on your own.
  • Cost of groceries is not included.

Please let me know if you have any questions about my services.

Get Coaching!

You can start healthier eating habits today by learning how to set up for success where it counts most. In your kitchen!