VIP Service

Nutritious food and healthy lifestyle support help you be at your best.

Health Coach
& Chef service

Keeping up with a demanding schedule can be supported by nutritious home cooking and a holistic health coach to educate you on healthy lifestyle options.

This service is ideal for someone in the medical profession, a professional athlete, or an entrepreneur with a demanding schedule and the need to keep their energy level going strong.

You value having a fridge full of healthy and tasty meals prepared from organic and sustainably-raised sources and herbs and spices that brighten up your palette and your health.

What’s included

  • Initial extensive health history used to create a timeline reflecting your family health history, life experiences, food history and wellness goals
  • Menus based on dietary restrictions and taste preferences, prepared by a Holistic Health Coach/Culinary Expert Nutritionist, once a week, in your kitchen
  • Coaching sessions scheduled once or twice a month to track your health progress

This is for you if:

  • You want to take better control of your health through diet and lifestyle modifications
  • You’re willing to make dietary changes if necessary (gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free)
  • You enjoy learning about how your body works on a cellular level
  • You’re aware of how processed food, bad fats, and environmental toxins can negatively impact your health
  • You love exploring superfoods (chia, raw cacao, hemp seeds…)

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